To be Gold Fitted, is to vibrate at the highest frequency; so high we break the vault.

  • Our summer collection features our popular Brick shorts and Swim Trunks crafted for royalty to keep you shining even in the shade.

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Find your glow and shine

We believe in supporting our community. Most of our garments are manufactured or sourced from local dealers. We also partner with minority owned family screen printing and embroidery companies.

  • Introducing our new Activewear

vibrate at the highest frequency

We believe in spreading love and light everywhere we go. Our future endeavours include aiding in making our world a better place by uplifting our youth through camps, retreats, scholarships, and more.

Element 79

connection to the universe

Gold is illuminating, sacred, durable, and precious. Gold inspires unconditional love, clear abilities, alchemy and self realization. Gold has been linked to the empowerment of the higher chakras: the heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and the crown chakra.

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Who We Are

Gold Fitted is a high vibrational streetwear brand. We encourage people to live in their passion(s) --"find what makes them GLOW and SHINE like gold". The streetwear brand where spirituality meets fashion. Matching your outside with your inside. Our mission is to teach, uplift, and unite the culture. 

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    Visit our pop-up store in Las Vegas, NV at The Boulevard Mall (inside of The Place) 3528 South Maryland Pkwy Suite 320 Las Vegas, NV 89169

Former pro skater - Ruben Chavez